What do we mean by “a holistic approach”?

Wilhelm Busch, author of the Max & Moritz cautionary tales, is credited with the adage that the health of a tooth depends on that of the whole person. This is no fantasy; an examination of the mouth and teeth can reveal the origins of a great many acute and chronic conditions. The source of our overall wellbeing, any aches and pains we may have, intolerances and risk factors for illness are to be found here. The face and mouth can be thought of as a reflection of the relationship between health and illness, between our teeth and our internal organs. Current research bears this out.

We put the person at the centre of all we do

This means that we do not just attend to your teeth, we take care of you as a “whole” person. To us, you’re never just a patient, you’re a unique individual. This is always at the forefront of our mind when we are making a diagnosis or initiating any treatment. For that reason, we always allow plenty of time for a comprehensive consultation. We give your teeth the same care and attention as we would our own.

We work very closely with therapists from other disciplines to complement our dental treatment.