About me:

I believe I have a comprehensive understanding of the dental care and procedures I offer. I opened my own practice in Frankfurt am Main in 1993, after completing my studies in mechanical engineering, medicine and dentistry. I was also an active member of an interdisciplinary study group at Danube University Krems (Austria) ), looking at interdisciplinary dental care.

As a result of my studies and my extensive experience of treating patients, I developed a holistic overview of the relationship between a person’s general state of health and their dental health.

Focal points of my practice:

Published author

I have condensed my considerable experience of holistic dental care into my recent book „Heal your teeth – Physical and Emotional Causes of Dental Problems)“

Making dental care understandable for the lay persons

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As an author and media contributor, I aim to make complex dental topics accessible to the lay person. For many years now, I have been consulted as an expert on dental prophylaxis and aesthetic dentistry by the editorial team of “service:trends”, for the Hessischer Rundfunk health and lifestyle channel.

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