Our teeth and out whole masticatory system is comparable to a clock whose individual components work together in perfect harmony. If there is an imbalance in the jaw or its joint or in the periodontum it can affect the entire body, including our internal organs.

Functional orthodontic therapy is concerned with disorders of the masticatory system, a widespread problem estimated to affect around seven million people throughout Germany. The list of functional disorders is long and ranges from muscle tension and chronic headaches to migraines, tension in the cervical vertebrae, dizziness, tinnitus, earache and snoring. You will often hear clicking, creaking or rubbing noises in the jaw joint. Oversensitivity of the teeth or the neck of the teeth can also originate here.

To restore the system to full working order we perform a functional analysis on our patients. As part of this we examine the position of the jaw and teeth and their relationship to each other. The results of this examination allow us to formulate a precise plan for all the necessary treatment procedures. it is often useful to make an individually tailored plastic brace that fits over all masticatory surfaces to correct any faulty positioning of the teeth. When worn at night it can alleviate or even eliminate such problems.