Despite all preventative measures it can still be the case that sooner or later, illness, accidents or poor oral hygiene lead to the loss of one or several teeth. There are reasons beyond the purely aesthetic as to why these gaps in the teeth should be filled.

Missing teeth will always have a negative impact on your quality of life. Your speech can be impaired, it can be harder to bite into or chew solid food and even the loveliest of smiles will be marred by missing teeth. Your self-confidence can also be adversely affected. So if dentures become a necessity, they should be of a particularly high quality.

We offer you optimal, individualized solutions. Our dentists and technicians work in partnership to the highest technical and medical standards. Whether you need a dental crown or bridge, fixed or removable dentures, we offer all our patients individualized solutions of the highest quality. We will also offer you the best possible advice and support to help with the cost of treatment and supplementary insurance.

Dental appliances prepared in our in-house laboratory

We make all types of permanent dental replacements such as crowns, bridges and implant-supported dentures in our own in-house laboratory. For certain removable dentures we call upon an excellent laboratory in Germany.