Prophylactic treatment

Protection against dental caries and periodontosis

The aim of prophylaxis is the early detection of changes in the teeth and gums that affect general wellbeing or are pathological. Read more »
Implant prosthetics

A foundation for dental health by means of the “third option”

Speak, eat and laugh with ease, even with this “third option”. More » Read more »
Traditional dentures

Individually tailored solutions of the highest technical quality

Missing teeth will always have a negative impact on your quality of life. So if dentures become a necessity, they should be of particularly high quality. Read more »
Functional therapy

Impairments of the masticatory system

Help with disorders ranging from muscle tension and chronic headaches to migraine, dizziness, tinnitus, earache and snoring. Read more »

Healthy gums can mean
a healthy heart

Periodontitis is a progressive inflammation of the periodontum, caused by bacterial infection. If it enters the bloodstream the health of the entire body becomes compromised. Read more »
Sleep treatment

Treatments to help you sleep soundly

Snoring can often signify a dangerous respiratory condition (sleep apnea) which may result in cardiac and circulatory problems. Read more »