Regular check-ups are essential. The aim of dental prophylaxis is the early detection of changes in the teeth and gums that affect general wellbeing or are pathological. Any necessary treatment will follow on from this – for the sake of your general wellbeing too.

Children have 20 (milk) teeth and adults have 32, including the wisdom teeth. Our teeth are in constant use: chewing, speaking, shouting, biting – and to give us a pleasant smile. As a rule they should all be healthy and should stay that way.

Poor oral hygiene, inadequate nutrition and smoking can contribute to dental caries and parodontitis, as can other physical illnesses. Scientific studies have shown that inflammatory conditions inside the mouth can increase a person’s susceptibility to respiratory problems as well as their risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. In pregnancy too, there seems to be a definite link between periodontal conditions and premature labor or low birth weights. Conversely, suffering from diabetes or a depressed immune syndrome or being a smoker all increase the risk of dental caries and gum inflammations. This is why preventive measures such as our professional teeth cleaning are all the more vital, as a form of prophylaxis.