White teeth are not the norm. Teeth are often stained, yellowish or covered with a grayish film. Our lifestyle is generally to blame, chiefly through the frequent consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea or red wine. Bleaching is a gentle, professional solution to the problem.

If you think you can restore your discolored teeth to whiteness with special toothpaste, you are sadly mistaken. None of these “tooth whiteners” can remove the gray film or the yellow tinge from our teeth. Worse still, toothpastes with an abrasive effect can even harm the tooth’s enamel and the bleaching agents they contain can attack the mouth’s mucous membrane.

Causes of tooth discoloration:

  • our teeth generally get darker as we age
  • the fact that our teeth have their own individual shade, which varies a great deal from one person to another
  • pigmentation caused by the long-term consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, cigarette smoke etc
  • congenital damage to the tooth enamel
  • dead dental pulp or root treatments
  • dental fluorosis due to excessive fluoride consumption
  • intake of certain antibiotics (tetracyclines) during tooth development

Dr. Wolfgang Kuhl über Bleaching

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Are there any effective antidotes?

The only methods that work are professional cleaning by a dentist or a bleaching treatment. The build-up needs to be dealt with. Our professional bleaching treatments offer a safe way to achieve beautiful, long-lasting results.