A propensity to teeth that are poorly aligned or don’t fit together properly can be present at birth or develop later in life. Orthodontic treatment using the Clear Aligner system makes use, to some extent, of the jaw’s natural growth processes.zu Nutze.

The ideal teeth are symmetrical, with the incisors working in harmony like a pair of scissors and the molars acting like gear wheels – these are the optimal conditions for speech and chewing. Only one in five of us is so naturally blessed, however. In addition to a genetically inherited malposition of the jaw, around one half of all defects are attributable to bad habits such as thumb sucking during infancy or poor care of the milk teeth.

Typical conditions are the “overbite”, whereby the upper incisors protrude over the lower ones or a lower jaw that is too large and pronounced so that the lower incisors bite before the upper ones do. Congenital anomalies such as a cleft palate should also be included here. The number of teeth you have is genetically determined. Many people have either too many or too few. This means that their teeth have too much or too little room in the mouth, which increases the likelihood of poor alignment.

Individualized treatment

The treatment choices are as many and varied as the causes of such problems.The basic choice is between fixed and removable dental appliances. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, which the dentist will need to weigh up in each case. In certain circumstances, the two methods are used in tandem. The total treatment takes between about three and four years. Tooth realignment is possible at any age.

The Clear Aligner system we use enables us to make corrective braces that are almost invisible as they gently move your teeth into the correct position.