A recent German study of oral health has found that an increasing number of adults are suffering from periodontitis, which is a progressive inflammation of the periodontum, caused by bacterial infection.

If it enters the bloodstream it can endanger the health of the entire body. For this reason the early signs of parodontitis such as frequent bleeding from the gums should not be ignored. It is a condition which should be taken seriously as its effects can range from causing the teeth to become loose or fall out to serious effects on the entire body. Even the risk of heart attack, stroke, premature labor or harmful effects for diabetes sufferers can increase.

The danger of painless conditions

Gingivitis and parodontitisare the most common forms of parodontal disease. Gingivitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the gums and is caused by a build-up of plaque. It is characterized by red, swollen gums that bleed easily when touched but is generally painless. In parodontitis, bone loss leads to the formation of gingival pockets between the teeth and gums which, in the advanced stages, can lead to teeth becoming loose or falling out. As the course of the disease is usually painless, the patient often does not visit the dentist for a long time and by then the condition has got much worse.

In our practice we try to prevent parodontitis by regular, professional tooth cleaning and tartar removal. If you are already suffering from an inflammation of the gums, our treatment for paradontitis would aim to repair the gums and restore them to good health.