Patients often wish, for example, to have their old amalgam fillings replaced with a durable but safer material. Ceramic inlays are the best choice from a functional as well as an aesthetic perspective.

Inlays are ready-made or computer-designed fillings, primarily suitable for use in the back teeth. After removing the defective filling or cleaning out the dental cavity, an impression of the hole is made. A dental technician will then produce a replacement inlay out of gold or ceramic to reconstruct the tooth’s original shape. At a subsequent dental appointment, this shaped piece is securely cemented in place. Even ceramic inlays last much longer than regular fillings because of their physical properties. Safety-conscious patients prefer gold fillings, whereas ceramic inlays are favored by the most discerning, due to their natural color and shape. A larger inlay, which also covers the cusp of the tooth, is known as an “onlay”.

When inlays are not enough

It is not always possible to fit a tooth with a veneer and in these cases we can fit it with a crown. The tooth in question is ground down and a crown that has been prepared to fit over the remainder of the tooth is fixed in place. If a gap in your teeth needs closing, a so-called bridge can be used. Preparation is similar to that for a crown, except that here the teeth on each side of the gap also need to be ground down.